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   Benefits of Molecular Hydrogen

  • Neutralize Cytotoxic Free Radicals
  • Adjust Immune System
  • Help with Skin Health
  • Improve Metabolism and Enhance Energy
  • Reduce Muscle Fatigue and Weakness


Vigorous Health Company


Mini-portable H2 Generator(with H2 drinking bottle)

  • Innovative handy design with 1.1 kg weight
  • Exclusive 150cc/min output with portable bag
  • Using most advanced Proton Exchange Membrane(PEM) of DuPont technology to generate 99.995% PURE Hydrogen gas, SGS certified.
  • Completes the hydrogen therapy of combining hydrogen gas inhalation and drinking hydrogen infused water simultaneously


App features

600cc 2 in 1 H2 generator (A Revolutionary Hydrogen 2 in 1 Machine)

  • Portable & Lightweight with a compact size of less than 4 kg.
  • Using most advanced Proton Exchange Membrane(PEM) technology to generate 99.999% PURE Hydrogen gas, SGS certified.
  • Hydrogen output of 500 cc/min.
App features

300cc Hydrogen Generator

  • Most popular Hydrogen flow output(300cc) for family use in Japan.
  • H2 purity of 99.999%(5N), SGS certified.
  • Obtained 14 patents in USA, Japan, Taiwan & China.
App features

H2 Water Generator

PEM-MEA Hydrogen Generator Cell
Patented Gas-Liquid Instant Mixing Technology

Adopting proton-exchange membrane modern fuel cell technology, to generate 99.995% ultra-high purity Hydrogen gas from pure water, in an Oxygen-Hydrogen separate electrochemical design. H2 Purity above China, USA, Japan, Korean authorities’ food additive regulation.
Patented gas-liquid instant mixing technology, mix ultra-high purity H2 gas into drinking water in real time, no need to wait, available for continuous stable serving.

Drinking water will not contact H2 generate electrode, to prevent any possibility of chemical and heavy metal residue, also not impact on pH values.

Up to 1,200 ppb High-Dissolved H2 Water
Serve Instantly!
Pure H2 Water Free to Enjoy

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  • Vigorous Health Company Limited
  • TEL:(02)2711-0881
  • Address:1F., No. 1, Ln. 5, Sec. 3, Ren Ai Rd., Da An Dist., Taipei 106, Taiwan(Google Map)
  • E-mail:service@vhlife.com