H2 Water Generator


Hydrogen Water Generator

PEM-MEA Hydrogen Generator Cell
Patented Gas-Liquid Instant Mixing Technology

Adopting proton-exchange membrane modern fuel cell technology, to generate 99.995% ultra-high purity Hydrogen gas from pure water, in an Oxygen-Hydrogen separate electrochemical design. H2 Purity above China, USA, Japan, Korean authorities’ food additive regulation. Patented gas-liquid instant mixing technology, mix ultra-high purity H2 gas into drinking water in real time, no need to wait, available for continuous stable serving. Drinking water will not contact H2 generate electrode, to prevent any possibility of chemical and heavy metal residue, also not impact on pH values.

Up to 1,200 ppb High-Dissolved H2 Water
Serve Instantly!
Pure H2 Water Free to Enjoy
App features
App features

Ultimate 4N insistence. SGS certified 99.995% purity

We apply Proton Exchange Membrane(PEM)of DuPont™ and iridium coatings catalytic electrode to our hydrogen-production core, and this PEM-based Technology electrolyzes distilled water(H2O)to only pure H2 and O2, and could be understood as the reverse reaction of hydrogen fuel cell. Our apparatus protects our client from any by-product such as magnesium while consuming the very pure.


Model  WK003S2
H2 Flow Rate  850c.c. / min 10%
H2 concentration in HRW  1000ppb10%
Voltage AC 100-240V, 50-60Hz
Input Water Purity  < 45W
Dimension  400*200*285mm
Net Weight  7.6 kg
Place of Origin Taiwan
Product Warranty  12 months
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SGS-certified 99.995% hydrogen purity

Cooperating with SGS, the world’s leading inspection, verification, testing and certification company, the test report issued by Ultra Trace & Industrial Safety Hygiene shows the purity of hydrogen is 99.995%.
On April 28, 2014, Agency Response Letter GRAS Notice No. 520, issued by Food and Drug Administration(FDA)of USA indicated hydrogen gas is GRAS(Generally Recognized as Safe)as food additives;but only when the hydrogen purity reaches 99.995%.We firmly believe it is only the purist H2 can be helpful to human bodies.

SGS Certified

SGS Certified

It produces very pure hydrogen gas of 99.995% purity


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